The point of no return.

So it’s been a while since I posted, just because I had a quite hectic month.
The main reasons were having a lot of changes in my life, from just the basic stuff like people going to school again, which includes my 2 sisters, to important stuff like I will be talking about in this post.

I have heard in the past days I will be able to go out of home, probably soon!
This because I have been moved to the first position on the list to a “home with support”, meaning I will get a chance first when there’s a place, obviously, the choice of really getting in that home, is to myself, the other autistic people in the house and the supporting people in the house.
Now a lot of people find it strange to get supported with going living alone, but I really will need it, I am positive about that, I really am not able to control money, especially when I see some new gadget.
I don’t find it strange also because I know that my brother’s were helped by it a lot, they have also a form of Autism, one I am certain that has Asperger, the other I am not quite certain what he has anymore.

Now I still find it quite scary, I haven’t been alone for more then a day at most, as I have 2 little sisters and 3 brothers and my parents, always there is one of them at home.
Also the change of not being able to do some things at my own times will be quite worrying for me.
But also, I am quite scared of meeting, talking to and introducing myself to new people, I never really was able to have more then 8 friends at most, which includes my friends online.., so thinking about meeting 8 or so new people is quite scary.

I am still quite unsure about most things, but of one thing I am certain, there’s no turning back now, I hope everything will be fine, but I will keep posting about this as soon as I know something new, so keep looking at my blog, and I hope you like my posts about it.


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