Last two weeks progress

So I haven’t been able to post a blog post in around two weeks!, this was not helped by downtime of my blog the past few days!
I will however update you people now on my eating habits and sporting attempts now.

I started of 2 weeks back with eating not a lot, but enough to keep me going on a day, this was working well for me, however it didn’t stay that way for really long.
On Tuesday 4th of June my mom was hospitalized, this really made me stress a lot, and it seems I’m a stress eater, because I ate quite some more those days until past few days, when she got home.
I’m not going to lie, it was all down to myself, I could have kept going the normal way, and eat just what I did before, I however need to learn not to eat when I’m stressed.
However the past 3 days, I ate a lot less again, while I am still quite stressed, so it seems I can endure a bit better when stress is a bit lower!

As for sporting, I haven’t done anything as for sports the past weeks, this also because of very badly hurting feet, but also for not having enough time.
However I did walk, as I had to go to hospital 2 times, so while it’s not enough, I did do something.
I am going to try to up the weekly amount of doing something sport-like, as I am able to sport more then just 2 times a week a walk of like 10 minutes!

For now I am still unable to weigh, so either I am still weighing above 180 Kilograms, or my weighing scale is just weighing to 150 Kilograms, I will try to check this today!, if it weighs to 150 kilograms, I will try to buy a new one around the end of this month!

My mangas from the United Kingdom arrived also past 2 weeks, I however didn’t read them yet, so more about Anime and Manga soon!


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