While watching Television

So I was watching television just now, watching “Obese USA” as it’s called here, I believe it’s called “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition” in the United States of America itself.
I was very inspired by the story of “Ashley”, she was the same age as I’m currently, and know some of the things that happened there, mainly the family part.
My dad doesn’t help me at all, I try to lose weight, but he keeps getting more sweets(candy) and Crisps/Chips, also he bakes very fatty, which I don’t want.
So…, I’m going to suggest tomorrow that I get to decide before the week what I eat every day in the week.
Also, I’m surely going tomorrow walk outside again, I feel that I can do this too, and I really want it.
To prove it I will start tomorrow with logging everything I eat again, I hope to place it the same day, but could also be that I place it all at the end of the week.
I still have my nike+ laying around, so I am going to use that too, I have had advice from Nike how to calibrate it with the site, so going to try it out also tomorrow!
My weight is still unable to be checked, but I’m sure it’s above the 180 kilograms still.

So tomorrow more about my plans!


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