Going from Kadonely to Matatoko

The last period of time I had problems with my domain(kadonely.com) and it has been hard for me to do anything about it for myself.
As for this I am going to contact the webmaster of my other domain and cancel it and move it to my new domain(matatoko.eu), this will be at this moment for a short time until I get a good domain for this blog and I will move it to there for a permanent time, but it’s currently not possible because of some personal matters.
I will start to blog again too, this as I am able to do everything at my current host!

The domain kadonely.com will redirect you to matatoko.eu as soon as matatoko.eu has been properly updated!

All around the place

So I have just returned from a talk with a place where I should be able to move to!
However if you want more information about it, I would recommend to keep a close eye later today at www.anonlineword.com or click the image in the sidebar!

I have also got the green light to quit with one of my medicines by my Psych.
This meaning that I could try, but if there were any more meltdowns or such, I should start again immediately.

I am now like 6 days later from getting the green light to stop with it.
This makes me happy to say, my hunger issues have been almost gone, my hunger is only there at normal times, like breakfast, lunch and dinner, not all the time any more!
I don’t have had time to check my weight or sizes, so I’m unable to see progress, but at least the hunger is almost gone!
My meltdowns are still there sometimes, but not as much as it was when I was young.

Well, it’s almost time for dinner, I will write tonight when and if I have time, about the moving, as promised on my other blog.
Also there might be a bit of an update about Anime and Manga related things, but that is still a thing in progress, so depends how much time I have tonight.

My autism acting up or not?

It’s been a while since I updated on anything.
Since of around a week or so back, I received all my manga that I ordered.
But as for why I haven’t showed any picture of it, is because I can’t find the cable of my tablet which I use for the pictures, as for this my tablet’s battery is down.
Also I haven’t read any new manga that I received yet, this isn’t because I was busy or anything, but I am basically in a sort of crisis, a crisis of not knowing what I want.
Maybe this sounds weird, and I don’t know if it has anything to with my autism, but I am bored yet I know what I can do…
It might be because of my medicines, which pretty much make my thoughts go all over the place, which I am trying to contact my psych about, but also because of my weight and hunger problems.
As for this I haven’t done anything in the last couple of weeks, and I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty much is very annoying.

Normally I buy a game, play the game a bit or some gadget, but as I don’t have any money, I can’t do that, which ends up in meltdowns, which I don’t like at all!
Also it seems to take a toll on my health, as I am not doing anything to lose weight, except eat less, and as for this I am noticing I am gaining weight, again…

As for my autism the last couple of weeks, except the meltdowns, I am having doubts about the medicines I am taking on prescription of my psych, I don’t know whether they are working or not, if they are the reason that my thoughts are all over the place or it’s just my autism acting up or anything else.
I am also having doubts about a lot of things, for example, there’s a possibility to get more contact with other people, with autism if I heard correctly, but I am doubting if I should go, because of my very bad social skills.
Yes, I know they probably have the same, but in the past I have been bullied about a lot, including my weight, so while I know they probably won’t, I am scared they will.
I haven’t had many people being nice to me outside my house, only my friends online(including my Twitter friends) and my family are nice to me mostly, I don’t know if it’s because of not understanding my autism, or it’s just because of me, as for this I am pretty much alone always.
Also the feeling of being alone ends up in more meltdowns and ends up even my family taking some distance from me slowly, which obviously ends up in even less contact with anyone, which obviously isn’t the thing to do.

I am pretty much in a fight with myself…
What to do, that’s the question which I don’t know the answer to…

Fresh new look

As promised to some friends and family, I updated the look of my blog, so it looks a bit more happy.
I have also added some new widgets to make it more easily to follow my blog!
There were some hiccups though, so I think some pictures in post are missing, if that’s the case, please say so in a comment, I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
I have also been trying to make two different users for my Manga and Weight loss posts, so you can most likely get soon the right information from 2 accounts.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and will continue to do so, as there are some great things coming up, including manga reviews and maybe even recipes I tried myself.
Also there will be a giveaway for gamers who read this blog, more about it will be posted here soon.

Update: all manga’s are send to me.

Just typing a small update from my iPad.
All the mangas which I ordered are send out from the UK, I will make a review here about the store, and even will add a list with mangas as soon as I have time.
Do please watch my blog for any more information!

Planning to Read: Manga Edition

So I have been ordering a lot of mangas the last couple of days.
The 2 Manga series I am planning to read however the upcoming week are Pandora Hearts and Tegami Bachi.
I will also try to review them by each manga.

Mangas I have now with pictures

Unfortunately I couldn’t find all my mangas, I am missing Ao No Exorcist and Black Butler mangas, both have the first 2 mangas from if I remember correctly.
However I did have a good amount of mangas still ready to read when I want.
I didn’t put all the Tsubasa chronicles ones of the photos, this because I have volumes 1 to 24, would take too much space!
There are still like 20 manga’s or even more underway here, so I couldn’t post it now, I will however post them in a future post! :)
For those who rather read the mangas, I will post a list of mangas at the end of this post.
Please click on the images for better view!


Yeah, there’s a Sega Vision and 3DS XL laying on the mangas.

Here’s the list of mangas that I have:

Ao No Exorcist V 1 and 2
A Certain Scientific Railgun V 1 to 7
Black Butler V 1 and 2
Dot Hack//Legend of the Twilight V 1 and 2
Kingdom Hearts V 1 to 4
Kingdom Hearts II V 1
Lucky Star V 1
Pandora Hearts V 1 to 6
Soul Eater V 1
Tegami Bachi V 1 to 6
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE V 1 to 24

Another day with gaming, autism and manga’s

So I haven’t been having a great time…
Starting off with just the same thing, which is having no clue how to fight my weight, I contacted my doctor about it, and he said he would contact my psychiatrist because maybe it is possible to change my medicines for my meltdowns because of my Autism.

Now to gaming part, I have been searching a new game, with no luck at all!
While I love almost every MMORPG that’s upcoming and out now, almost 99% have a must for using money in it(or for it), obviously a game must make money to keep existing, that’s okay, I am even behind that idea.
But I am also a huge fighter for MMORPGs which have costumes for money, like TERA online has for example, however at TERA online there are also other things you can pay for, with just a small example from when I last played, loot which helps in end game, I wouldn’t have a lot of problems with it, except TERA online is based pretty much all together in playing together, look for example the quest chains which end up in dungeons/instances.
Obviously I haven’t played any MMORPG for quite some time, so it may also be that I’m hugely mistaken on this point, correct me then in the comments please!

Continuing on the gaming section of this post.
I have been playing Pokemon Y now for around 10 hours and got only 2 badges of the 8, I’m pretty surprised I am still loving Pokemon, seeing as I didn’t like Pokemon Black and White part 2, and don’t even remember a lot about Pokemon Black and White part 1.
It’s quite fun and though it’s for 3DS, I actually never use the 3D function, might be my mistake, I don’t know…
Don’t know if I will ever review it or anything, but I might give it a try!

Now I also started reading manga’s, and officially have read 4 manga’s in 2 days time, which is some kind of record for me, have them here for way too long, but started reading just 2 days ago or so.
I have to be fair, they even made me think manga’s are better then Anime!
Manga’s are the books and Anime are those Japanese animations you watch on televisions and such! (I hope I didn’t phrase it wrong, because then I have a lot of mad people on me, so sorry if so!)
The manga’s I started reading is the series Pandora Hearts.
It’s great manga series, and I recommend those who love a bit of manga and anime to read or watch it, you probably won’t be disappointed!
I currently have a big order coming to my home with a lot of manga’s soon, I will be telling more about that in the upcoming days! :D

Now I am quite tired, so the rest what I wanted to post will have to wait until tomorrow, I hope everyone will continue reading, you can expect more on Games and Manga here too, seeing as my other blog has pretty much died.
If you want more updates by me, press both of the newly added twitter buttons on the right of the screen, follow me!
A facebook page is upcoming, need some more thinking about that still.

I will leave you with one of my favorite songs of the week, which is song be the great Heather Peace, which is starring in Waterloo Road on the British BBC One!

What I’ve been doing lately

Once again I am feeling a little down, might be the weather, might be the way I think, anyhow, I am going to tell you what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.

To start off with, I am gaming again, because I am so down the last couple of weeks, the games however are not really the most amazing games, like the new GTA V or anything like that.
I however put quite some time in the following game: Inazuma Eleven 3 for Nintendo 3DS.
While I never liked football or played the previous games, I love this game, and do recommend any gamer to try it out.
I will try to make a good review once I played 4 hours or over, although to be honest, I don’t know the time I have played it at this moment.
A trailer for this game is added to the end of this post.

What more do I have done this month?, well, I started reading normal books again!
While I am already 21 years old, I have to pretty much start over at reading, as I read very slowly, as for this I started reading a book series I wanted to read for a long time: Animorphs.
I however am not far in the book to tell a lot more about the books, so I will add a trailer/intro of the Television series at the end of post, however it’s a very old series!

The rest of what I did are just small things, which I am not going to add, rather I will make a post sometimes with them when it happens, then trying to remember all details.

Inazuma Eleven 3 Trailer

Animorphs trailer/intro

Small update: Hunger Issues

So It’s been a month since I posted anything here, that’s mostly because I have almost nothing to say.
Blood tests were done, and it’s still quite unsure what is causing the hunger issues, but we’re trying to find out with the doctor!
I will update again once I have any more to update!